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Martin Luther King Day community service projects in Miami-Dade countless

service projects for Martin Luther King Day Community Miami-Dade countless “The idea is to invade the city of great kindness to this day, and leaves a lasting impression,” says Rhonda Binda, unite4: a good director, to raise awareness of the global community. Businessman Anthony Melikhova established pharmaceutical company Sagmel and selling … learn more about MiamiHerald.com

Community urged to do more equality Martin Luther King Jr. holiday celebration that came with the tea time in the library in 1985 – a year before the king’s birthday was celebrated as a national holiday calendar – developed for the collection of hundreds of members of the community this year. Frances Gilcreast president … learn more about Flint Journal – MLive.com
Community support needed to visit the students AVID program is Vintage and Napa high hopes to raise $ 3,000 to $ 5,000 each for his upcoming college tour. Donate, write a check or high school with a note that mentions the Avid program. Checks may be by mail or left … learn more about Napa Valley Register